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Good, but...

This app is easy to use and good for logging reading times for kids, manually or using the timer. Would be better if books could be classified as 'to read', 'read', 'wish list' or similar. Would be great if it included 'owned' or 'borrowed' and 'owner', 'date due' and 'date returned' for borrowed books.

Like it :)

I like this app but you need to be able to manually add time too. I don't think about the app until after reading sometimes :/


I can't figure out how to read the book (if you're actually supposed to)


This app would be awesome IF the barcode scanner worked ;(

Has Potential

I was very excited to find this app for my 4th grader who needs to track reading time for school. He reads many smaller chapter books, oftentimes in the middle of 2 or 3 at a time, so having a list of "active" books to choose from is wonderful! We downloaded it to his iPod and it works well there, tracking his time & emailing logs. What doesn't work well is the scan barcode feature. Maybe 1 out of 10 times does it even register/snap the barcode. This is frustrating, because entering chapter books is putzy and adding a picture manually doesn't work well. If the scan barcode feature worked and we could get rid of the banner ads I would give this app 5 stars.

Love the concept but there's a lot of bugs

We used this app for summer reading. But when there's a lot of books to log. It crashes. When you finish logging time it closes instead of going back to the list. And now when I want to email all the logs it won't do it.

Good idea

Doesn't work for what I need app to do. If your book doesn't have bar code you enter everything even number of pages manually it never searches for book an adds info.. I am uninstalling and trying different app


This app is stinkish!! What are you supposed to do with it???


Very good app would recommend it to everyone!

Almost Perfect

I downloaded this to test for my daughter, who needs a little more monitoring for time spent reading. Anything electronic helps. I ended keeping a copy for myself. I just wish it included a journal function which allowed you to write questions, thoughts, and eventually reports or reviews. As for a way to record time spent reading specific books, this app is awesome.


Great potential! I love that the reader can simply scan the bar code to get book information. It's easy to track time spent reading, but I wish the reader could also be prompted at the end of the session to record thoughts, which could then be saved and sent in the email of the log. Perhaps there could even be a list of questions to choose from?

Keeping it simple

This is a simple app that is easy to use. The simple design makes tracking individual readers easy. I wish there were a way to manually add time to the reading log for those times when the reader and tracker are not together!

Awesome app

This is a great reading app

Best reading log app

I've tried other reading log apps and found this to be the best one. The e-mail feature is great! Wish there was a version without the banner ad, and how about an iPad version??

Great App!

This app is fantastic for tracking my kids reading. They email me the logs of how much they read at the end of each week.

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